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  • 24/7/365 direct scheduling on-line
  • Quickly identify local interpreters by Zip code/Specialty search (upper RH corner)
  • Preferred Interpreter search by 4-digit EyeSign number
  • Hiring entities can easily submit requests to qualified interpreters
  • Prompt (within 24 hrs) response time to your requests
  • Eliminate interpreter agency delays, limited business hours, and overhead costs by hiring direct
  • Guaranteed confidential communication with 128-bit SSL government standard encryption

Why EyeSign?

  • Improve services in urban and rural areas (150-200 mile search radius)
  • Promote professionalism
  • Reduce overhead costs





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Profile Number: ESN 9191
Name: Terry Dockter Qualified Deaf Interpreter
Zip code: 98271
Specialty: QDI (Qualified Deaf Interpreter)
Other: Experience: Legal, Deaf Blind, Platform

Additional Info: Local counties: Snohomish, King, Pierce

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NOTE: A team interpreter may need to be scheduled for assignments that are longer than 1.5 hrs or are uniquely challenging. (See FAQs)

NOTE: Please communicate any confidential, client identifying information, such as the Deaf/Hard of Hearing/Deaf Blind person’s name, medical ID number, case number, etc… directly with the Interpreter after confirming availability.

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Please await a phone call or e-mail cancellation confirmation from the Interpreter, verifying:
1. The appointment details entered match the original request and
2. The cancellation falls within the previously agreed to cancellation policy time frame.

Cancellations submitted past the previously agreed to time frame,
a standard practice which allows the Interpreter to schedule replacement work,
may be subject to invoicing.


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NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct
  • Confidential communication
  • Professional skills and knowledge
  • Appropriate conduct
  • Respect for consumers
  • Respect for colleagues, interns, students
  • Ethical business practices
  • Ongoing professional development


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