ADA Hotline:

Voice: 1-800-514-0301

TTY: 1-800-514-0383

EyeSign benefits:

  • 24/7/365 direct scheduling on-line
  • Quickly identify local interpreters by Zip code/Specialty search (upper RH corner)
  • Preferred Interpreter search by 4-digit EyeSign number
  • Hiring entities can easily submit requests to qualified interpreters
  • Prompt (within 24 hrs) response time to your requests
  • Eliminate interpreter agency delays, limited business hours, and overhead costs by hiring direct
  • Guaranteed confidential communication with 128-bit SSL government standard encryption

Why EyeSign?

  • Improve services in urban and rural areas (150-200 mile search radius)
  • Promote professionalism
  • Reduce overhead costs


I n t e r p r e t e r




Is an Interpreting agency?

No, this website allows you to have an on-line platform for promoting and scheduling independent freelance assignments and contracts in your community. 


Will invoice jobs for me?

No, each interpreter handles all invoicing directly with the requester as a self-employed independent contractor.


Do I have to respond to requesters within 24 hours?

Yes, if at all possible.  This allows schedulers to fill requests for services promptly.  When a Request form is sent from the website, it will go to your e-mail address with "EyeSign Request for Services" in the subject field to alert you.  If your e-mail is forwarded to your pager/cell phone, you can easily reply directly to the requester by selecting his/her given e-mail address.


Do I have to post my scheduling calendar?

No, that is an optional feature you can choose to activate from your account. If you DO choose to post a calendar, to be considerate of schedulers, please keep it updated.


Any idea why my registration hasn't posted?

You should get a confirmation message "Your registration has been submitted" if your reg goes through.  The TERMS and CONDITIONS box must be checked, for the registration to submit. Sorry for any confusion!  If you haven't gotten a response please re-submit.  Thanks for your patience.


Do I have to be an RID member to join?

RID/NAD certified interpreters, yes.  Current membership in RID

demonstrates involvement in the CMP (Certificate Maintenance Program) and continuing professional education.  EIPA 4.0+ interpreters and Qualified Deaf Interpreters (QDIs) do not need to be RID members to register with


When will my account be live/posted on the website?

It will take up to a few days for the Site Administrator to set up your account and assign you a searchable four-digit EyeSign Number(ESN), upon receipt of your registration and verification of your credentials.  (ie: Completed Profile, RID/NAD/EIPA credentials, and one-time Registration fee ($15.00) 


Should I post my physical address on my profile?

No…it is recommended that you only post your public contact

info (work phone number/work e-mail).  EyeSign Interpreters,

LLC does not want your physical address.  All correspondence

will be via your e-mail address.  No records of your mailing address

will be kept or used for any purpose other than to mail you items

you might purchase (such as a car decal).  Receipts of payment

will be sent via e-mail.  You will not receive solicitation from EyeSign

other than thru e-mail renewal reminders/e-memos which you are

free to block at any time.


What is the range of the ZIP code search?

A visitor can type in their zip, and interpreters will be listed that match the entered search requirements within a radius of 150-200 miles. This was designed to improve locating credentialed interpreters in rural areas.  To assist visitors, it is recommended you list your local county on your profile.


What are my site maintenance responsibilities?

Please see the EyeSign Terms and Conditions on the

Interpreter Registration page.  It is important that you make every

effort to respond to requests for services/information within

24 hours.


Is there a fee?

Yes, there is a one-time administrative registration fee


(payable thru either Paypal, or by check)



Will handle invoicing and payments

for my assignments?

No...This website is "Stage 1"... The site is designed to connect requesters

with qualified interpreters.  Each interpreter is responsible to handle his/her

assignments/invoicing as an independent contractor.  Stage 2 of the website

may include more advanced invoicing options.  


Do I have to post a profile photo?

No, you can choose to upload a profile photo or use the default “No photo available” icon.  You will be able to upload, update and manage your profile photo anytime.


Can I use the logo?

Yes.  When you register, you will be sent a file with the logo for use on brochures, business cards, etc… to advertise your own interpreting practice.  Car decals are availble for purchase at cost plus shipping.


Can I donate to camp scholarships for D/HH/DB kids?

Yes, anytime.  Send a separate, designated check to EyeSign

Interpreters, LLC with “Camp donation” on the memo line.  We will

e-mail you a receipt. To date, has sponsored scholarships for “Camp Hands Up” in WA state…as our membership grows, we will add camps in other locations.  Find out more about "Camp Hands Up" at:



Thank you for your interest in!
NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct
  • Confidential communication
  • Professional skills and knowledge
  • Appropriate conduct
  • Respect for consumers
  • Respect for colleagues, interns, students
  • Ethical business practices
  • Ongoing professional development